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Our website uses first party cookies that ensures our website, and actions you request on our website, functions properly. Deleting or blocking these cookies on our website might result in our services not functioning properly. Our website also uses third party cookies, such as Google Analytics exclusively to improve your experience with our website, and to collect statistics.


Personal information


Personal information is information that can be directly attributed to you. We collect such information on our website, when you use our website, when you use our newsletter sign-up or contact formula, where you directly input and submit your personal information to us.

You can learn more about how we collect and process personal information in our Privacy Policy.




We use cookies to identify you as a user. We use cookies to ensure our service functions properly, and to improve the content and user experience on our website, as well as delivering relevant marketing and promotional content to you.




We ensure that your data and information will not be deleted illegally, lost, impaired, published; exposed or delivered to anyone unauthorized or any outsiders, misused, and that our processing of your information complies with the law.


Storage period


We store your information in compliance with the law, and we delete it, when it is no longer serving the stated purpose. The timeline for storing information depends on the characteristics of the information as well as the reason for storing it. Due to that it is not possible to specify a specific timeline for when information will be deleted.


Delivering data to Data Processors


Anonymous data regarding your behavior using our website, and your demographics such as age, gender and geography is only delivered to third party Data Processors. We use third party Data Processors such as SabeeApp, Google Analytics and Mailchimp to store and process your data. These third party partners exclusively process your data for us, and are not allowed to process your data for their own purpose.

Deliverance of personal information such as name, e-mail or phone number will only happen with your explicit consent, either when you subscribe to our newsletter, or submit a message using our contact formular.