Privacy Policy


We collect personal information for both required and optional reasons. We also ensure the collection and processing of your personal information is done safely and confidentially. This policy sets the guidelines for how we process the personal information we collect, when you use our website, sign up for our newsletter or contact us on our official channels.


Data Controller


In compliance with GDPR and The Danish Data Protection Act, our company Habitat Ejendomme A/S act as the Data Controller for all the personal information you submit directly to us or on our official channels like our website, newsletter, social media, etc. You can find our contact information below.

Habitat Ejendomme ApS
Store Kongensgade 81D, st.
1264 Copenhagen K
VAT: DK-38327755


The personal information we process


We process information that identifies specific persons such as our customers, newsletter subscribers or other contacts. Processing this personal information is required for us to deliver our services such as booking your stay, providing helpful information and support, and providing marketing and promotional offers.

The common information includes:

  • Full name (first name, surname)
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Credit card information

  • We limit our collection and processing of sensitive personal information as much as possible. The only sensitive personal information we process includes:

  • Nationality

    Purpose and usage


    The procedure of the information we process is limited to the purpose of collecting and processing the information. The information is strictly being used for the purpose the information was collected for.

    When you reach out to us on our official channels, we process your personal information in order to assist and support you with your request.

    When you sign up to our newsletter, we process your personal information in order to provide you with news and relevant offers through mail.

    Personal data and information about our existing and previous customers or contacts are stored and processed exclusively with the purpose of processing the needs and requirements associated with our booking service, offering information and support, improvements of our services, improvements of our platform as well as marketing activities.

    Your booking information is registered and stored in SabeeApp, who act as the Data Processor of your personal information when booking our rentals. SabeeApp does not process your personal information for their own purposes. We have a data processor contract with SabeeApp stating their legal obligations with the personal information they are provided.

    The anonymous data and personal information you provide us with on our website is collected and processed by our third party sites Google Analytics and Mailchimp, who act as Data Processors of your personal information. Google Analytics and Mailchimp do not process your personal information for their own purposes. We correlate the data and information you provide us with, when using our website, in order to improve our services for you as well as providing relevant content and marketing on our own website and other platforms.


    Storage and security of your information


    When you enter the reservation process, your personal information is stored under our account on SabeeApp that only employees within our organization, and partners, have access to. Credit card information is only available for authorized employees in the company. SabeeApp takes very comprehensive measures in security on their platform and to process personal data properly in compliance with GDPR.

    The personal information you submit when signing up for our newsletter is stored safely on Mailchimp’s platform. Only our relevant employees have access to your personal information. Mailchimp stores your personal information in compliance with GDPR.

    The anonymous data collected from your actions on our website such as the pages you view, the links you click and when you leave our website is stored in Google Analytics. Only relevant employees in our organization can access to your anonymous data. Google stores your anonymous data in compliance with GDPR.

    We continuously evaluate whether the personal information we have about you is still valid for our purposes, or if we will proceed to delete it.


    Your rights about your information


    At any point in time, you can request to gain insight into your personal information that we collect and process, as soon as we can verify your identity. You have the right to request a copy of the personal information we store about you. You can request your personal information in the form of an electronic readable media (data-portability).

    If you are under the impression that we are processing wrong information about you, you can always request to get the information corrected. Upon request, we will consider whether or not the information needs to be corrected.

    You always have the right to object to our processing of your personal information. Depending on the objection, we will consider whether or not we should restrict, or alter our processing of your personal information, while we evaluate your objection.

    You are always in your right to withdraw your consent to our collection and processing of your personal information. Upon request and identity verification, we will delete your personal information, unless we are required otherwise by law.

    You can learn more about your rights regarding personal data on


    Delivery of personal information


    We never deliver personal information of our visitors, subscribers, customers or other contacts to our partners, anyone unauthorized or any outsider. We never deliver your personal information without your explicit consent.


    Insights or complaints


    If you have any questions, or wish to gain insight into your personal information, you can contact our DPO on

    If you want to submit a formal complaint about our usage of your personal information, you can contact The Danish Data Protection Agency.